AmCro Travel has founded its own brand called Dolphin Friends which collaborates with global organizations for the protection of the oceans, underwater world and the environment in general. Special attention and dedication we give the dolphins.

We all testify to a terrible climate change and the consequences that we suffer. The cause is only one: the human being and his activities. The federal government has allowed some companies to harm marine mammals like dolphins with seismic airgun in the Atlantic Ocean. They cannot fight alone against private companies, climate change and pollution. Dolphins have become endangered species. They need our help and we need them.

Dolphins maintain a natural balance in the food chain. They also keep the environment in balance. Without dolphins the ecosystems and the ocean health would be endangered. Dolphins are very social beings, and we believe the smartest on the planet, charming and downright adorable.

All together we can make small changes in our daily routine and protect these awesome animals from the danger of marine debris. Protecting dolphins we are keeping oceans clean and thriving. Humankind and wildlife depend on the sea. That's for our own good and that's the reason why we decided to launch a campaign to clean the underwater.

We want to see the dolphins in their natural environment, not in the Seaworld. We want to see them as free as every living being needs to be, happy and beautiful as they are.

You are becoming a Dolphin Friend by buying only one T-shirt and doing a great thing.

With one Dolphin Friends T-shirt you become a protector of the planet. Be a symbol of joy and happiness, because that's what the dolphins are. Be happy as dolphins and spread positive energy. A portion of proceeds will go to the protection of these wonderful creatures and oceans. Please see the following links

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